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MarineFisheries Review



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United States Events and Trends

Removing Porpoise From a Tuna Purse Seine
by James Coe and George Sousa

Longlines and Billfish
by John S. Gottschalk

Double-Rig Twin Shrimp-Trawling Gear Used in Gulf of Mexico
by Harvey R. Bullis Jr. and Hilton Floyd

Trawl Studies Based on Bottom Current Measurements
by S. B. Saila and W. H. Mowbray

Status of Fish Stocks off Northeastern United States
by Herbert Stern Jr. and Bradford E. Brown

The Atlantic Coast Surf Clam Fishery -- 1971
by John W. Ropes, Allan M. Barker, and George E. Ward Jr.

American Participation in Tuna Fishery of Eastern Tropical Atlantic
by Gary T. Sakagawa and William H. Lenarz

How Some Pollutants Affect Embryos and Larvae of American Oyster and Hard-Shell Clam
by Anthony Calabrese

Effects of Predators on Juvenile Menhaden in Clear and Turbid Estuaries
by Richard L. Kroger and James F. Guthrie

International Fisheries

Food Fish Facts -- Smelt


Sing a Song of Seafoods at Breakfast Time

Sweet 'n' Sour 'n' Saucy Seafood

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