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MarineFisheries Review



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United States Events and Trends

Farm Credit Act of 1972: How It Affects Fishing Industry
by Fred L. Olson

New England Trawlermen Struggle to Survive
by Bruno G. Noetzel

Sea Urchins: A New Fishery Develops in California
by Susumu Kato

The Impact of Genetics on the Trout Industry
by Nicholas J. T. LoCascio and James E. Wright Jr.

Pot Fishing in the Virgin Islands
by J. R. Sylvester and A. E. Dammann

The Atlantic Surf Clam Fishery - 1970
by John W. Ropes and Allan M. Barker

Shrimp Research Aboard Soviet Ship in Gulf of Alaska
by Robert J. Wolotira Jr.

International Fisheries


Food Fish Facts -- Rockfish

Recipe Canned Salmon Can Do

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