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"Kamaboko" -- The Giant Among Japanese Processed Fishery Products
by Minoru Okada, David Miyauchi, and George Kudo

Surimi - A Semi-Processed Wet Fish Protein
by David Miyauchi, George Kudo, and Max Patashnik

Gel-Forming Capacity of Washed and Unwashed
Flesh of Some Pacific Coast Species of Fish

by George Kudo, Minoru Okada, and David Miyauchi

Chemical and Nutritive Values of Several Fresh and Canned Finfish,
Crustaceans, and Mollusks. I. Proximate Composition, Calcium, and Phosphorus

by Virginia D. Sidwell, James C. Bonnet, and Elizabeth G. Zook

Northwest Atlantic Squid
by Warren F. Rathjen

The Long-Haul Fishery of North Carolina
by James F. Guthrie, Richard L. Kroger, Herbert R. Gordy, and Curtis W. Lewis

Marketing Practices of Retailers Handling Fish in the Akron and Cleveland Areas
by Leonard J. Konopa


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