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Shrimp '73 - A Billion Dollar Business
by Philip M. Roedel

Who Eats Shrimp?

Shrimp Imports in 1972 Total 223.2 Million Pounds

European Demand Spurs New England Shrimp Catches
by John R. Kallio

The Shrimp Dollar, 1972
by Donald R. Whitaker

Fishery for Northern Shrimp, Pandalus borealis, in the Gulf of Maine
by Roland L. Wigley

Gulf Estuaries Studied

Shrimp Research at the Galveston Laboratory of the Gulf Coastal Fisheries Center
by Robert F. Temple

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Resource Research
by Charles W. Caillouet, Jr., and Kenneth N. Baxter

An Automatic Pumping Device for Sampling Postlarval Shrimp (Penaeus spp.)
by Frank Marullo

White Shrimp (Penaeus setiferus) Population Trends in a Tidal Marsh Pond
by Stephen H. Clark and Charles W. Caillouet, Jr.

Shrimp Research Program at Southeast Fisheries Center

Distribution of Commercial Shrimp off the Northeastern Coast of South America
by Robert Cummins, Jr., and Albert C. Jones

Shrimp Industry of Central America, Caribbean Sea, and Northern South America
by George B. Gross

Status of the California Ocean Shrimp Resource and Its Management
by W. A. Dahlstrom

Alaskan Shrimp Fisheries

Pandalid Shrimp Life History research at Kachemak Bay, Alaska
by James C. Olsen

Studies of Spot Shrimp, Pandalus platyceros, at Little Port Walter, Alaska
by Louis Barr

Progress Toward Farming Shrimp in the United States
by Richard A. Neal

Shrimp Culture in Japan
by C. R. Mock

NMFS Aid Shrimp Studies in States

NMFS Publications on Shrimp, 1970-72

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