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MarineFisheries Review



Price Spreads of Fish Products Among Producers and Distributors
by Erwin S. Penn

Rapid Assessment of Ocean Environment Aided by New Shipboard
STD Digitizer-Computer Interface

by W. James Ingraham, Jr., and C. J. Bartlett

Procedure for Product Approval and Purchase: Army and Air Force Exchange Service
by Henry I. Boies and Richard C. Raulerson

Sonic Tags Attached to Alaska King Crab
by Gerald E. Monan and Donald L. Thorne

Export Opportunities for U.S. Fishery Products
by Morton M. Miller, Jukka Kolhonen, and Gregory Hall

Beefish Patties
by Frederick J. King and George J. Flick

Slide Rule for Predicting Shelf Life of Cod
by L. J. Ronsivalli, Robert J. Learson, and S. E. Charm


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