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MarineFisheries Review



Home Freezing of Seafoods
by Melvin E. Waters

A Vertical Longline for Red Snapper Fishing
by David A. Olsen, Arthur E. Dammann, and Don Neal

Aspects of the Distribution and Abundance of the Long-Finned Squid,
Loligo pealei, Between Cape Hatteras and Georges Bank

by Frederick M. Serchuk and Warren F. Rathjen

Solubilized Fish Muscle as a Food Binding Material
by Frederick J. King, Fred Heiligman, and Eugen Wierbicki

A Review of the Indonesian Shrimp Fishery and Its Present Developments
by M. Unar

Observations on Distribution and Abundance of Red Crabs
in Norfolk Canyon and Adjacent Continental Slope

by Paul A. Haefner Jr. and John A. Musick


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