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Development of the Pelagic Red Crab (Galatheidae, Pleuroncodes planipes)
Fishery in the Eastern Pacific Ocean

by Susumu Kato

Introducing New Products into Seafood Markets
by Morton M. Miller

The Recreational Fishery on Three Piers near St. Petersburg, Florida during 1971
by William A. Fable, Jr. and Carl H. Saloman

Menhaden and Power Plants - A Growing Concern
by James S. Young

Deepwater Shrimp Trapping in the Hawaiian Islands
by Paul Struhsaker and Donald C. Aasted

Attitudinal and Demographic Characteristics for Regular
and Irregular Users of Fresh Finfish

by Peter M. Sanchez and Leonard J. Konopa

Plastic Turf Substitute for Gravel in Salmon Incubators
by Jack E. Bailey and Sidney G. Taylor


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