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MarineFisheries Review



Estimated Cost, Returns, and Financial Analysis:
Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Vessels

by Wade L. Griffin, Ronald D. Lacewell, and Wayne A. Hayenga

Puget Sound Drum Seining
by William L. High

Japanese Skipjack Tuna Fishery Development in Foreign Areas
(Katsuo Kaihatsu-Kaigai Katsuo-zuri Gyogyo)

Some Marketing Considerations with Respect to Minced Fish Products
by Joshua John

Names of Fishes
by Daniel M. Cohen

The Potential for an Offshore Squid Fishery in New England
by F. E. Lux, W. D. Handwork, and W. F. Rathjen

Squid - Its Potential Status as a U.S. Food Resource
by Vincent G. Ampola


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