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Notes on the Ecology of the Oceanic Insect, Halobates
by Lanna Cheng

Chemical and Nutritive Values of Several Fresh and Canned Finfish,
Crustaceans, and Mollusks. Part II. Fatty Acid Composition

by James C. Bonnet, Virginia D. Sidwell, and Elizabeth G. Zook

Using Enzymes to Make Fish Protein Concentrates
by Malcolm B. Hale

The Mexican Marine Sport Fisheries
by Aurelio Solorzano

Variable-mesh Beach Seine for Sampling Juvenile Salmon in Columbia River Estuary
by Carl W. Sims and Richard A. Johnsen

Mushroom Culture: A New Potential for Fishery Products
by John H. Green

Effect of Draining Method on the Quality of Fish Stored in Boxes
by John A. Peters, Allan F. Bezanson, and John H. Green


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