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Publications and Services of the National Marine Fisheries Service
by J. David Almand

Participation by Panamanian and U.S. Seiners in 1972
Tuna Fishery of the Eastern Tropical Atlantic

by Gary T. Sakagawa

Diversification Means Progress in the Gloucester Fishing Industry
by Jon C. Rittgers

Marine Recreational Fishing in Alaska

Composition of the Edible Portion of Raw (Fresh or Frozen) Crustaceans, Finfish, and Mollusks.
I. Protein, Fat, Moisture, Ash, Carbohydrate, Energy Value, and Cholesterol

by Virginia D. Sidwell, Pauline R. Foncannon, Nancy S. Moore, and James C. Bonnet

Fish Meal: International Market Situation and the Future
by Jukka Kolhonen


NOAA/NMFS Developments

Foreign Fishery Developments

Fishery Notes


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