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Some Considerations of the Problems Associated with the Use of Live Bait
for Catching Tunas in the Tropical Pacific Ocean

by Frank J. Hester

Polyethylene Trays for Flounder Fillets
by Daniel W. Baker II, John A. Peters, and Allan F. Bezanson

Reduction of Mercury in Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)
and the Use of the Treated Flesh in Smoked Products

by F. M. Teeny, Alice S. Hall, and E. J. Gauglitz, Jr.

Salmon - Future Harvest from the Antarctic Ocean?
by Timothy Joyner, Conrad V. W. Mahnken, and Robert C. Clark, Jr.

Ocean Pout Parasites
by Daniel J. Sheehy, Michael P. Sissenwine, and Saul B. Saila

A Report on the National Marine Fisheries Service Comminuted Fish Cake Survey
by Bruce C. Morehead


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