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Marking Fishes and Invertebrates. I. State of the Art of Fish Branding
by Howard L. Raymond

Marking Fishes and Invertebrates. II. Brand Size and Configuration
in Relation to Long-term Retention on Steelhead Trout and Chinook Salmon

by Donn L. Park and Wesley J. Ebel

Marking Fishes and Invertebrates III. Coded Wire Tags Useful in Automatic
Recovery of Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Trout

by Wesley J. Ebel

Marking Fishes and Invertebrates. IV. A Nonpermanent Tag for King Crabs,
Paralithodes camtschatica, and Tanner Crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi

by Robert M. Meyer

A Survey of Giant Clams, Tridacnidae, on Helen Reef, a Western Pacific Atoll
by Frank J. Hester and Everet C. Jones

Color Changes in the Ovaries of Penaeid Shrimp as a Determinant of Their Maturity
by Ausbon Brown Jr. and Daniel Patlan

The Bay Scallop Makes Its Bed of Seagrass
by Gordon W. Thayer and Harvey H. Stuart

Effects of Prudhoe Bay Crude Oil on Molting Tanner Crabs, Chionoecetes bairdi
by John F. Karinen and Stanley D. Rice


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