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MarineFisheries Review



Trends in Catch-Effort Relationships with Economic
Implications: Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery

by John P. Nichols and Wade L. Griffin

Skipjack Tuna Fishing in Papua New Guinea, 1970-73
by R. E. Kearney

Electronic Tags and Related Tracking Techniques
Aid in Study of Migrating Salmon and Steelhead Trout
in the Columbia River Basin

by Gerald E. Monan, James H. Johnson, and Gordon F. Esterberg

Selected Information on Recreational Boats in the United States
by John Ridgely

Edible Seaweeds - A Survey of the Industry and Prospects
for Farming the Pacific Northwest

by Charles J. Hunter

Attitudinal and Demographic Characteristics for Regular
and Irregular Users of Fresh Shellfish

by Peter M. Sanchez

Bypass and Collection System for Protection
of Juvenile Salmon and Trout at Little Goose Dam

by Jim Ross Smith and Winston E. Farr


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