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MarineFisheries Review



The Purse-Seine Fishery for Bluefin Tuna
in the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean

by Gary T. Sakagawa

An Assessment of the South Pacific Albacore, Thunnus alalunga, Fishery, 1953-72
by Robert A. Skillman

Experiments on Some Possible Effects of Tire Reefs on Pinfish
(Lagodon rhomboides) and Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata)

by R. B. Stone, L. C. Coston, D. E. Hoss, and F. A. Cross

Development of a Program to Rehabilitate the Oyster Industry
of Prince Edward Island

by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr.

An Analysis of Prices Paid to Fishermen Before and After
the Establishment of a Fishery Cooperative

by Charles W. Lamb, Jr.


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