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MarineFisheries Review



Fishing Fleet Activities Revealed by Night-Time Data
from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)

by Robert W. Fett

Toward a Planetary Aquaculture - the Seas as Range and Cropland
by Timothy Joyner

An Economic Analysis of Georgia's Marine Charter Boat Fishing Industry
by E. Evan Brown and Fred J. Holemo

Observed and Perceived Impacts of Distant Water Fishing:
Oregon Otter Trawl Case

by Courtland L. Smith

Low Level Ionizing Radiation and Spice Treatment
of Raw, Headless, White Shrimp

by A. N. Roy and J. D. Kaylor

Energy Efficiency Comparison between the Washington
and Japanese Otter Trawl Fisheries of the Northeast Pacific

by Douglas J. Wiviott and Stephen B. Mathews

Costs and Earnings in the Spiny Lobster Fishery, Florida Keys
by Bruno J. Noetzel and Mikolaj G. Wojnowski

Spoilage and Shelf Life Prediction of Refrigerated Fish
by Louis J. Ronsivalli and Stanley E. Charm


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