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MarineFisheries Review



Introductory Remarks on Diseases of Crustaceans
by Gilbert B. Pauley

Cellular Response to Injury in Penaeid Shrimp
by C. T. Fontaine and D. V. Lightner

The Immunological Mechanisms of the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus,
by John I. Stagner and James R. Redmond

Gaffkemia, the Fatal Infection of Lobsters (Genus Homarus)
Caused by Aerococcus viridans (var.) homari: A Review

by James E. Stewart

A Septicemic Bacterial Disease Syndrome of Penaeid Shrimp
by Donald V. Lightner and Donald H. Lewis

A Comparative Study of the Bacterial Flora
of the Hemolymph of Callinectes sapidus

by R. R. Cowell, T. C. Wicks, and H. S. Tubiash

Serum Changes in the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus,
Associated with Paramoeba perniciosa,
the Causative Agent of Gray Crab Disease

by Gilbert B. Pauley, Martin W. Newman, and Edith Gould

Microsporidian Infections of Amphipods with Special Reference
to Host-Parasite Relationships: A Review

by H.-P. Bulnheim

Fine Structure of Minchinia sp. (Haplosporida)
Sporulation in the Mud Crab, Panopeus herbstii

by Frank O. Perkins

A Brief Review of the Involvements of Lagenidium,
an Aquatic Fungus Parasite, with Arthropods

by Clyde J. Umphlett and E. M. McCray, Jr.

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