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General Pathology

Inflammation and Wound Repair in Oysters
by Albert K. Sparks

Identification of Proliferative Lesions in Mollusks
by Thomas C. Cheng

Parasitic Encapsulation in a Marine Prosobranch;
The Role of Agranular Hemolymph Cells

by Timothy P. Yoshino

Effects of Phenol on Clams
by C. Fries and M. R. Tripp

A Review of the Histopathological Effects
of Ionizing Radiation on the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas

by Michael C. Mix

A Proteomyxan Amoeba Stage in the Development
of Labyrinthomyxa patuxent (Hogue) Mackin and Schlicht,
With Remarks on the Relation of the Proteomyxids
to the Neoplastic Diseases of Oysters and Clams

by J. G. Mackin and Frank G. Schlicht

Dermocystidium marinum Infection in Oysters
by Frank O. Perkins

Minchinia nelsoni (MSX) Disease of the American Oyster
by Fred G. Kern

Proliferative Lesions

Descriptions of Polyps and Epidermal Papillomas
in Three Bivalve Mollusk Species

by John C. Harshbarger

Proliferative Disorders in Bivalve Mollusks
by C. Austin Farley

Occurrence of Hematopoietic Neoplasms in Virginia Oysters (Crassostrea virginica)
by E. Michael Frierman

A General Model for Leucocyte Cell Renewal in Bivalve Mollusks
by Michael C. Mix

Gonadal and Hematopoietic Neoplasms in Mya arenaria
by Paul P. Yevich and Carolyn A. Barszcz

Dermal Lesions and Amebocytic Accumulations in Snails
by Charles S. Richards

Some Observations on Comparative Vertebrate and Invertebrate Pathology: A Summary Discussion of the Workshop
by Harold L. Stewart

The Workshop on Molluscan Pathology: Closing Comments
by Dante G. Scarpelli

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