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Environmental Change and the Northeast
Pacific Ocean Fisheries: Introductory Remarks

by Maurice E. Stansby

Pollution and the Northeast Pacific Ocean
by Neva L. Karrick and Edward H. Gruger, Jr.

Impact of the Transportation of Petroleum
on the Waters of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean

by Robert C. Clark, Jr.

Impact of Cooling Waters on the Aquatic
Resources of the Pacific Northwest

by Donovan R. Craddock

Effects of Dredging on Aquatic Organisms - With Special Application
to Areas Adjacent to the Northeastern Pacific Ocean

by George R. Snyder

Effects of Dams on Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Trout
by Gerald B. Collins

Effects of Water Diversions on Fishery Resources
of the West Coast, Particularly the Pacific Northwest

by Theodore H. Blahm

Concluding Remarks
by Maurice Stansby


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