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MarineFisheries Review





Bacterial Diseases of Fishes and Their Control
by S. F. Snieszko

Diseases and Defense Mechanisms of the Lobster, Homarus americanus
by James E. Stewart

A New Bacterium (Presumptive Vibrio Species) Causing Ulcers in Flatfish
by R. A. Robohm and C. Brown

Bacteriologic Studies of Long Island Sheil fish Hatcheries: An Abstract
by Louis LeibovilZ

Vibriosis in Maine and New Hampshire Salmonids
by Evelyn S. Sawyer

Anaerobic Bacteria as Possible Disease Agents in Fish
by Lanny R. Udey


Recent Developments in Channel Catfish Virus Research
by J. A. Plumb and P. R. Bowser

Viral Diseases of the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus
by Phyllis T. Johnson

Piscine Erythrocytic Necrosis (PEN): A Viral Infection
of the Atlantic Cod and Other Marine Fishes

by Paul Reno, Marie Philippon-Fried, Bruce I. Nicholson, and Stuart Sherburne

Viruses and Viruslike Lesions in Marine Mollusks
by C. AlWin Farley

Viruses and Virus Diseases of Salmonid Fishes
by Philip E. McAllister

Phosphonoacetic Acid Inhibition of Channel Catfish Virus Replication
by Roger W. Koment


Comments on Trends in Research on Parasitic Diseases of Shellfish and Fish
by Victor Sprague

Susceptibility Studies of Various Salmonids to Whirling Disease:
Histological Staining and Spore Concentration Procedures

by Joseph O'Grodnick

Some Protozoan Diseases of Decapod Crustaceans
by Thomas K. Sawyer and Sharon A. MacLean

The Principal Parasitic Diseases of Warm-Water Fishes
by W. A. Rogers

Trypanorhynch Infections in the Flesh of Sciaenid Fishes
by Robin M. Overstreet

Larval Nematodes Parasitic in Shellfish
by Thomas C. Cheng

Nutritional and Environmental

Environmentally Related Diseases of Marine Fish and Shellfish
by Carl J. Sindermann

Nutrient Requirement of the Lobster and Nutrition Pathology
by Robert C. Bayer, Margie Lee Gallagher, and Dale F. Leavitt

Nutritionally Induced Cataracts in Salmonids Fed Purified and Practical Diets
by Hugh A. Poston, Ronald C. Riis, Gary L. Rumsey, and H. George Ketola

Environmental Parameters Affecting Fish Physiology in Water Reuse Systems
by Thomas L. Meade

PCB-Induced Alterations in Teleost Liver: A Model for Environmental Disease in Fish
by David E. Hinton, James E. Klaunig, and Michael M. Lipsky

A Review of Histopathological Effects of Selected Contaminants on Some Marine Organisms
by George R. Gardner


NOAA/NMFS Developments: Proteolysis Inhibition in Pacific Hake

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