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Immunology and Preventative Medicine

Immunity and Practical Vaccine Development
by Albert L. Brown

Cellular Immunity in Fish as Measured by Lymphocyte Stimulation
by M. Michael Sigel, John C. Lee, E. Churchill McKinney, and Diana M. Lopez

Immunization of Fish with Bacterins of Aeromonas salmonicida
by L. R. Udey and J. L. Fryer

Immunization of Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, Against Two Bacterial Diseases
by John H. Schachte, Jr.

Immunization of Salmonids for Control of Vibriosis
by J. L. Fryer, J. S. Rohovec, and R. L. Garrison

Vibriosis and Current Salmon Vaccination Procedures in Puget Sound, Washington
by Lee W. Harrell

Diseases and Their General Control

Epizootiology of Channel Catfish Virus Disease
by John A. Plumb

Serological Screening of Channel Catfish Virus
by Stewart McConnell and Jack D. Austen

A Herpesvirus Disease of Green Sea Turtles in Aquaculture
by Harold Haines

Incidence of Disease in Warmwater Fish Farms in the South-Central United States
by F. P. Meyer

Enteric Red Mouth Disease (Hagerman Strain)
by R. A. Busch

Vibriosis and Furunculosis in Marine Cultured Salmon in Puget Sound, Washington
by Anthony J. Novotny

Parasitic Diseases of Freshwater Fishes
by W. A. Rogers

Ornamental Fish: Diseases and Problems
by John B. Gratzek, Emmett B. Shotts, and Jack L. Blue

Shellfish Diseases
by Louis Leibovitz

Control of Fish Diseases
by S. F. Snieszko

Fish Disease Inspection and Certification
by Diane Elliott


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