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An Analysis of the Charter Boat Fishing Industry on the Texas Gulf Coast
by Robert B. Ditton, Richard N. Jarman, and Steve A. Woods

Characteristics, Participation, and Motivations of Texas' Charter Boat Fishermen
by Robert B. Ditton, Thomas J. Mertens, and Martin P. Schwartz

Preparation of a Menhaden Hydrolysate for Possible Use in a Milk Replacer
by Malcolm B. Hale and Paul E. BauersJeld, Jr.

Seasonal Effect on Yield, Proximate Composition, and Quality
of Blue Mussel, Mytilus edulis, Meats Obtained From
Cultivated and Natural Stock

by Bohdan M. Slabyj, Donn L. Creamer, and Ruth H. True

Catch-Effort and Price-Cost Trends in the Gulf of Mexico
Shrimp Fishery: Implications on Mexico's Extended Jurisdiction

by Vito Blomo, Wade L. Griffin, and John P. Nichols

Estimating the Structure of Capacity Utilization in the Fishing Industry
by Kenneth Ballard and Vito Blomo


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