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MarineFisheries Review


Introductory Remarks
by Frank O. Perkins

Structure and Biology of Marteilia sp. in the Amphipod, Orchestia gammarellus
by Thomas Ginsburger-Vogel and Isabelle Desportes

Haplosporidian Diseases of Imported Oysters, Ostrea edulis, in Dutch Estuaries
by Paul van Banning

Marteilia refringens and Crassostrea gigas
by Ann Cahour

Occurrence of Minchinia sp. in Species of the Molluscan Borer, Teredo
by Robert E. Hillman

Cell Structure of Shellfish Pathogens and Hyperparasites in the Genera
Minchinia, Urosporidium, Haplosporidium, and Marteilia-Taxonomic Implications

by Frank O. Perkins

Marteilia refringens and Oyster Disease-Recent Observations
by Henri Grizel

Classification of the Haplosporidia
by Vietor Sprague

Oyster Diseases in Chesapeake Bay
by J. D. Andrews

Development of Resistance to Minchinia nelsoni (MSX) Mortality
in Laboratory-Reared and Native Oyster Stocks in Delaware Bay

by Harold H. Haskin and Susan E. Ford

Marteilia refringens-Considerations of the Life Cycle
and Development of Abers Disease in Ostrea edulis

by Georges Salouet

Epizootiology of Marteilia rejringens in Europe
by David J. Alderman

Life Cycle and Ecology of Marteilia sydneyi
in the Australian oyster, Crassostrea commercialis

by Peter H. Wolf


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