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MarineFisheries Review


Value Added, Margins, and Consumer Expenditures for Edible Fishery Products in the United States, 1976-78
by Erwin S. Penn and Wenona J. Crews

Oyster Seed Hatcheries on the U.S. West Coast: An Overview
by Jerry E. Clark and R. Donald Langmo

A Mechanical Escalator Harvester for Live Oysters and Shell
by D. S. Haven, J. P. Whitcomb, and Q. C. Davis

Development of a Self-Culling Blue Crab Pot
by Peter J. Eldridge, V. G. Burrell, Jr., and George Steele

Composition of Catches Made by Anglers Fishing for Summer Flounder,
Paralichthys dentatus, From New Jersey Party-Boats in 1978

by Darryl J. Christensen and Walter J. Clifford


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