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MarineFisheries Review


Costs and Returns Trends in the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Industry, 1971-78
by John P. Warren and Wade L. Griffin

Tridacnid Clam Stocks on Helen Reef, Palau, Western Caroline Islands
by Wendy Hirschberger

Per Capita Annual Utilization and Consumption
of Fish and Shellfish in Hawaii, 1970-77

by Linda L. Hudgins

Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Fish
and Shellfish of the Chesapeake Bay

by Max Eisenberg, Reba Mallman, and Haskell S. Tubiash

Bait Loss From Halibut Longline Gear Observed From a Submersible
by William L. High

Three Different Delivery Modes for Fresh Caught
Pacific Whiting, Merluccius productus

by Cavin W. Philbin

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