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MarineFisheries Review


Cooperative Survey of Rockfish and Whiting Resources Off
California, Washington, and Oregon, 1977: Introduction

by Donald R. Gunderson and William H. Lenarz

Distribution and Abundance of Rockfish Off
Washington, Oregon, and California During 1977

by Donald R. Gunderson and Terrance M. Sample

The Distribution, Abundance, and Biological Characteristics of Pacific
Whiting, Merluccius productus, in the California-British Columbia
Region During July-September 1977

by Thomas A. Dark, Martin O. Nelson, Jimmie J. Traynor, and Edmund P. Nunnalle

Shortbelly Rockfish, Sebastes jordani: A Large
Unfished Resource in Waters Off California

by William H. Lenarz

Abundance, Size and Age Composition, and Growth of Pacific
Ocean Perch, Sebastes alutus, Sampled During 1977

by James T. Golden, Robert L. Demory, and William H. Barss

Size Composition, Age Composition, and Growth
of Chilipepper, Sebastes goodei, and Bocaccio,
S. paucispinis, from the 1977 Rockfish Survey

by Mark E. Wilkins

Yellowtail Rockfish, Sebastes flavidus, Length and Age
Composition off California, Oregon, and Washington in 1977

by Michael E. Fraidenburg

Size Composition, Age Composition, and Growth
of Canary Rockfish, Sebastes pinniger, and Splitnose Rockfish,
S. diploproa, From the 1977 Rockfish Survey

by George W. Boehlert

Stock Separation of Five Rockfish Species Using
Naturally Occurring Biochemical Genetic Markers

by Lisa N. Wishard, Fred M. Utter, and Donald R. Gunderson

Maturation and Fecundity of Four Species of Sebastes
by Donald R. Gunderson, Pamela Callahan, and Bernard Goiney

Morphology and Distribution Patterns of Several
Important Species of Rockfish (Genus Sebastes)

by Peter B. Adams

Preliminary Analysis of Pacific Coast Demersal Fish Assemblages
by Wendy L. Gabriel and A. V. Tyler

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