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MarineFisheries Review


Environmental Factors Affecting Smoltification and
Early Marine Survival of Anadromous Salmonids

by Gary A. Wedemeyer, Richard L. Saunders, and W. Craig Clarke

The Efficiency of Mollies, Poecilia mexicana, as Live
Bait for Pole-and-Line Skipjack Fishing: Fishing
Trials in the Tropical Central Pacific

by Patrick G. Bryan

Evaluation of a Bypass System for Juvenile Salmonids at Little Goose Dam
by Jerrel R. Harmon and Donn L. Park

Recent Observations of a Large Eddy in the Gulf of Alaska
by R. K. Reed

Instrument for Determining Depth of Dehydration of Frozen Fish
by John G. Callan and John J. Ryan

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