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MarineFisheries Review


Japan's Squid Fishing Industry
by William G. Court

Developments in South American Squid Fisheries
by Marcelo Juanico

Recent Developments in the Squid, Illex illecebrosus,
Fishery of Newfoundland, Canada

by Geoffrey V. Hurley

Biological Considerations Relevant to the Management of Squid
(Loligo pealei and Illex illecebrosus) of the Northwest Atlantic

by A. M. T. Lange and M. P. Sissenwine

Squid Catches Resulting From Trawl Surveys off the Southeastern United States
by J. David Whitaker

Squid Fishery in Texas: Biological, Economic, and Market Considerations
by Raymond F. Hixon, Roger T. Hanlon, Samuel M. Gillespie, and Wade L. Griffin

Experimental Fishing for Squid With Lights in Nantucket Sound
by Elizabeth H. Amaral and H. Arnold Carr

Experimental Pair Trawling for Squid in New England
by Alan J. Blott

Experimental Jigging for Squid off the Northeast United States
by Douglas Long and W. F. Rathjen

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Squid, Loligo pealei:
Raw, Cooked, and Frozen Mantle

by W. Steven Otwell and George G. Giddings

The Quality of Squid Held in Chilled Seawater
Versus Conventional Shipboard Handling

by Vincent G. Ampola

Development of a Squid Skirming and Eviscerating System
by R. Paul Singh and Daniel E. Brown

"Saki-ika": Dried Squid Processing Equipment and Markets
by Daniel J. Sheehy and Susan F. Vik

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