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Introduction: A Scientific Perspective of the Bowhead Whale Problem
by Michael F. Tillman

Historical Whaling and Population Enumeration

Historical Shore-Based Catch of Bowhead Whales
in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas

by Willman M. Marquette and John R. Bockstoce

A Preliminary Estimate of the Reduction of the Western Arctic Bowhead
Whale Population by the Pelagic Whaling Industry: 1848-1915

by John R. Bockstace

Minimal Historical Size of the Western Arctic Population of Bowhead Whales
by L. L. Eberhardt and J. M. Breiwick

Sampling Strategy for Enumerating the Western
Arctic Population of the Bowhead Whale

by Bruce D. Krogman

Migration and Distribution

Spring Migration of the Western Arctic Population of Bowhead Whales
by Howard W. Braham, Mark A. Fraker, and Bruce D. Kragman

Migration of Bowhead Whales Past Cape Lisburne, Alaska
by David J. Rugh and James C. Cubbage

Vessel Survey for Bowhead Whales in the Bering
and Chukchi Seas, June-July 1978

by Marilyn Dahlheim, Teresa Bray, and Howard Braham

Summer Distribution of Bowhead Whales in the Eastern Beaufort Sea
by Mark A. Fraker and John R. Bockstoce

Other Bowhead Whale Stocks

Spitsbergen Bowhead Stock: A Short Review
by Randall R. Reeves

Biology and Behavior

Ingutuk: A Morphological Variant of the Bowhead Whale, Balaena mysticetus
by Howard W Braham, Floyd E. Durham, Gordon H. Jarrell, and Stephen Leatherwood

External Morphology of Bowhead Fetuses and Calves
by Floyd E. Durham

Observations of Bowhead Whales During Spring Migration
by Geoffry M. Carroll and John R. Smithhisler

Sounds Recorded in the Presence of an Adult and Calf Bowhead Whale
by D. K. Ljungblad, S. Leatherwood, and M. E. Dahlheim

Foods Utilized by Bowhead Whales Near Barter Island, Alaska, Autumn 1979
by Lloyd F. Lowry and John J. Burns

Some Observations on Urine From a Bowhead Whale
by W. Medway

Healed Penetrating Injury of a Bowhead Whale
by Thomas F. Albert, George Migaki, Harold W. Casey, and L. Michael Philo

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