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MarineFisheries Review


Atlantic Skipjack Tuna: Influences of Mean Environmental
Conditions on Their Vulnerability to Surface Fishing Gear

by R. H. Evans, D. R. McLain, and R. A. Bauer

Burnt Tuna: Conditions Leading to Rapid Deterioration in the Quality of Raw Tuna
by J. L. Cramer, R. M. Nakamura, A. E. Dizon, and W. N. Ikehara

Quality of Squid, Illex illecebrosus, Mantles Canned in Oil
by Bohdan M. Slabyj, Gordon E. Ramsdell, and Ruth H. True

A System to Singulate and Align Squid for Packaging and Processing
by D. E. Brown, R. Paul Singh, and R. J. Coffelt


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