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MarineFisheries Review


Artificial Reefs: Toward a New Era in Fisheries Enhancement?
by Richard B. Stone

The Use of Designed and Prefabricated Artificial Reefs in the United States
by Daniel J. Sheehy

The Coal-Waste Artificial Reef Program (C-WARP):
A New Resource Potential for Fishing Reef Construction

by Peter M. J. Woodhead, Jeffrey H. Parker, and lver W. Duedall

Artificial Reefs as a Resource Management Option
for Siting Coastal Power Stations in Southern California

by Robert S. Grove

Marine Habitat Enhancement and Urban Recreational Fishing in Washington
by Raymond M. Buckley

Fish Foraging on an Artificial Reef in Puget Sound, Washington
by Gregory J. Hueckel and R. Lee Stayton

The Effects of an Artificial Reef on Resident Flatfish Populations
by James M. Walton

Food of Fish Collected on Artificial Reefs in
the New York Bight and Off Charleston, South Carolina

by Frank W. Steimle, Jr., and Larry Ogren

Early Development of Pendleton Artificial Reef
by John J. Grant, Kenneth C. Wilson, Allen M. Grover, and Heidi A. Togstad


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