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Effects of the 1981 Closure on the Texas Shrimp Fishery
by Albert C. Jones, Edward F. Klima, and John R. Poffenberger

Relative Abundance and Size Distributions of
Commercially Important Shrimp During the 1981 Texas Closure

by Geoffrey A. Matthews

A Review of the Offshore Shrimp Fishery and the 1981 Texas Closure
by Edward F. Klima, Kenneth N. Baxter, and Frank J. Patella, Jr.

Impacts on Shrimp Yields of the 1981 Fishery
Conservation Zone Closure off Texas

by Scott Nichols

Estimated Impacts on Ex-Vessel Brown Shrimp
Prices and Value as a Result of the Texas Closure Regulation

by John R. Poffenberger

Comparison of Shrimp and Finfish
Catch Rates and Ratios for Texas and Louisiana

by Noel H. Walls and Gilmore J. Pellegrin, Jr.

Shrimp Fleet Mobility in Relation to the 1981 Texas Closure
by Albert C. Jones and James R. Zweifel

Survey of Ice Plants in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, 1980-81
by John M. Ward and John R. Poffenberger


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