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MarineFisheries Review


Participation of U.S. Trawlers in the Offshore Shrimp
Fisheries of French Guiana, Surinam, and Guyana, 1978-79

by Alexander Dragovich and Essie M. Coleman

Moving Out the Learning Curve: An Analysis of Hard
Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, Nursery Operations in South Carolina

by John W. Brown, John J. Manzi, Harry Q. M. Clawson, and Fred S. Stevens

Tilefish off South Carolina and Georgia
by R. A. Low, Jr., G. F. Ulrich, and F. Blum

Warm Water and Southern California Recreational Fishing:
A Brief Review and Prospects for 1983

by James L. Squire, Jr.

Isolation of Histamine-Producing Bacteria From Frozen Tuna
by Steve L. Taylor and Marci W. Speckhard

Nomograph for Estimating Histamine
Formation in Skipjack Tuna at Elevated Temperatures

by Hilmer A. Frank, Derrick H. Yoshinaga, and I-Pai Wu

Fatty Acids and Lipid Classes of Three
Underutilized Species and Changes Due to Canning

by Malcolm B. Hale and Thomas Brown


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