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MarineFisheries Review


Toward an Improved Seafood Nomenclature System
by Roy E. Martin, Willard H. Doyle, and James R. Brooker

Economic Potential for Utilizing Minced Fish in Cooked Sausage Products
by Richard J. Agnello

Chemical Composition and Frozen Storage Stability of Weakfish, Cynoscion regalis
by Melvin E. Waters

Composition, Nutritive Value, and Sensory Attributes of Fish
Sticks Prepared From Minced Fish Flesh Fortified With Textured Soy Proteins

by Wilmon W. Meinke, Gunnar Finne, Ranzell Nickelson, and Roy Martin

Processing Technologies and Their Effects on Microbiological
Properties, Thermal Processing Efficiency, and Yield of Blue Crab

by Donn R. Ward, Ranzell Nickelson II, Gunnar Finne, and Debra J. Hopson

Incidental Catch of Marine Mammals by Foreign Fishing Vessels, 1978-81
by Thomas R. Loughlin, Lewis Consiglieri, Robert L. Delong, and Ann T. Actor

An Economic Appraisal of Sail-Assisted Commercial Fishing Vessels in Hawaii
by Karl C. Samples

Experimental Squid Jigging Off the Washington Coast
by Roger W. Mercer and Michele Bucy

Weight Freqlol,mcies for Striped Marlin,
Tetrapturus audax, Caught Off Southern California

by James L. Squire, Jr.


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