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MarineFisheries Review


Groundfish Fisheries and Research in the Vicinity of Seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean
by Richard N. Uchida and Darryl T. Tagami

Trapping Surveys for Deepwater Caridean Shrimps, Heterocarpus laevigatus and H. ensiver,
in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
by Reginald M. Gooding

Procedures for Preparing Acetate Peels and Evidence Validating the Annual
Periodicity of Growth Lines Formed in the Shells of Ocean Quahogs, Arctica islandica

by John W. Ropes

Evaluation of Methods to Determine the Proportions
of Fillets and Minced Fish Flesh in Mixed Fish Blocks

by J. Perry Lane and Thomas J. Connors

Relationship Between Honeycombing and Collagen Breakdown in Skipjack Tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis
by Hilmer A. Frank, Mitchel E. Rosenfeld, Derrick H. Yoshinaga, and Wai-Kit Nip

Suitability of Red Hake, Urophycis chuss,
and Silver Hake, Merluccius bilinearis, for Processing Into Surimi

by Tyre C. Lanier

Investment in Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Vessels, 1965-77
by Ernest O. Tettey and Wade L. Griffin

Characteristics of the Texas Shrimp Fleet, 1979-82
by Judith T. Krauthamer, William E. Grant, and Wade L. Griffin

Fish or Fish Oil in the Diet and Heart Attacks
by Maurice Stansby


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