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MarineFisheries Review


Fisheries Applications of Satellite Data in the Eastern North Pacific
by Paul C. Fiedler, Gary B. Smith and R. Michael Laurs

Marine Bivalve Mollusks as Reservoirs of Viral Finfish Pathogens:
Significance to Marine and Anadromous Finfish Aquaculture

by Theodore R. Meyers

The "Tuna-Porpoise" Problem: NMFS Dolphin Mortality Reduction Research, 1970-81
by James M. Coe, David B. Holts, and Richard W. Butler

History of Artificial Propagation of Coho Salmon,
Oncorhynchus kisutch, in the Mid-Columbia River System

by Roy J. Wahle and Roger E. Pearson

Norwegian Salmon and Trout Farming
by Robert J. Ford

Using Charterboat Catch Records for Fisheries Management
by Harold A. Brusher, Mark L. Williams, Lee Trent, and Barbara J. Palko

The Incidental Capture of Sea Turtles in the Atlantic
U.S. Fishery Conservation Zone by the Japanese Tuna Longline Fleet, 1978-81

by W. N. Witzell

Encounters of Hawaiian Monk Seals With Fishing Gear at Lisianski Island, 1982
by John R. Henderson

Paired Open Beach Seines to Study Estuarine Migrations of Juvenile Salmon
by Herbert W. Jaenicke, Adrian G. Celewycz, Jack E. Bailey, and Joseph A. Orsi

Nonselectivity of Gillnet Fishery on Jaw-Tagged Adult Steelhead, Salmo gairdneri
by Emil Slatick and Larry Basham

Proximate Composition of Certain Red Sea Fishes
by Rifaat G. M. Hanna

Assessing the Accuracy of a Method to Determine the
Amount of Minced Fish in Mixed Mince-Fillet Fish Blocks

by J. Perry Lane, John J. Ryan, and Robert J. Learson


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