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MarineFisheries Review


A Genetic Method of Stock Identification in Mixed
Populations of Pacific Salmon, Oncorhynchus spp.

by George B. Milner, David J. Teel, Fred M. Utter, and Gary A. Winans

An Ecosystem Model Evaluation: The Importance of Fish Food Habits Data
by Patricia A. Livingston

The Role of Cetaceans in the Shelf-Edge Region of the Northeastern United States
by James H. W. Hain, Martin A. M. Hyman, Robert D. Kenney, and Howard E. Winn

Behavioral Factors Influencing Fish Entrapment at Offshore
Cooling-Water Intake Structures in Southern California

by Mark Helvey

Predation on Released Spiny Lobster, Panulirus marginatus,
During Tests in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

by Reginald M. Gooding

Exploitation of California Sea Lions, Zalophus californianus, Prior to 1972
by Virginia L. Cass

Scarred Pacific Salmon, Oncorhynchus spp.,
at Freshwater Recovery Sites in Southeastern Alaska

by Sidney G. Taylor

Examining Business Turnover in the Texas Charter Boat Fishing Industry: 1975-80
by Robert B. Ditton and David K. Loomis

The Effects of Handling or Processing Treatments on
Storage Characteristics of Fresh Spiny Dogfish, Squalus acanthias

by Elinor M. Ravesi, Joseph J. Licciardello, Bette E. Tuhkunen, and Ronald C. Lundstrom

Storage of Dressed Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha,
in Refrigerated Freshwater, Diluted Seawater, Seawater, and in Ice

by M. N. Bronstein, R. J. Price, E. M. Strange,
E. F. Melvin, C. M. Dewees, and B. B. Wyatt

Observations From a Preservation and Processing
Study on Atka Mackerel, Pleurogrammus monopterygius

by Jim W. Conrad, Harold J. Bameu, Fuad M. Teeny, and Richard W. Nelson

Keeping Quality of Fresh and Frozen Sand Lance, Ammodytes sp.
by J. J. Licciardello, E. M. Ravesi, and M. G. Allsup

The Effect of Denil Fishway Length on Passage of Some Nonsalmonid Fishes
by Emil Slatick and Larry R. Basham


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