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MarineFisheries Review


Molluscan Mariculture in the Greater Caribbean: An Overview
by Darryl E. Jory and Edwin S. Iversen

A Synopsis of the Tortugas Pink Shrimp, Penaeus duorarum,
Fishery, 1981-84, and the Impact of the Tortugas Sanctuary

by Edward F. Klima and Frank J. Patella

Fisheries Resource Assessment of the Mariana Archipelago, 1982-85
by Jeffrey J. Polovina, Robert B. Moffitt, Stephen Ralston,
Paul M. Shiota, and Happy A. Williams

A Small Vessel Technique for Tracking Pelagic Fish
by Kim Holland, Richard Brill, Scott Ferguson,
Randolph Chang, and Reuben Yost

Ice Requirements for Chilled Seawater Systems
by E. Kolbe, C. Crapo, and K. Hilderbrand

Parameters Affecting Viscosity as a Quality Control for Frozen Fish
by A. J. Borderias, F. Jimenez-Colmenero, and M. Tejada


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