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MarineFisheries Review

Inside front cover

Review of U.S. West Coast Commercial Shark Fisheries
by David B. Holts

Relative Abundance and Fishery Potential of Pelagic Sharks Along Florida's East Coast
by Steven A. Berkeley and Wilfreda L. Campos

Estimate of the Catch of Red Snapper, Lutjanus campechanus,
by Shrimp Trawlers in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

by Elmer J. Gutherz and Gilmore J. Pellegrin

Evaluation of Demersal Longline Gear off South Carolina
and Puerto Rico With Emphasis on Deep-water Reef Fish Stocks

by G. Michael Russell, Elmer J. Gutherz, and Charles A. Barans

Observations of Deepwater Shrimp, Heterocarpus ensifer,
From a Submersible off the Island of Hawaii

by Reginald M. Gooding, Jeffrey J. Polovina, and Murray D. Dailey

Toward Developing an Inventory of U.S. Coastal Wetlands
by Don W. Field, Charles E. Alexander, and Marlene Broutman

A Synthesis of Cost and Revenue Surveys for Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Vessels
by John M. Ward

Changes of Myofibrillar Proteins and Texture in Freshwater Prawn,
Macrobrachium rosenbergii, During Iced Storage

by H. W. Kye, W. K. Nip, and J. H. Moy


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