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MarineFisheries Review

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Hook Timers to Measure the Capture Time of Individual Fish
by David A. Somerton, Bert S. Kikkawa, and Christopher D. Wilson

Marine Recreational Boat Fishery of the New York Bight Apex in 1971
by Chester C. Buchanan, Richard B. Stone, and Frank W. Steimle

The Commercial Bait Shrimp Fishery in Galveston Bay, Texas, 1959-87
by Kenneth N. Baxter, Carlton H. Furr, Jr., and Elizabeth Scott

The Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP):
A State-Federal-University Program for Collection, Management, and Dissemination of
Fishery-Independent Data and Information in the Southeastern United States

by Peter J. Eldridge

The Traditional Central California Setnet Fishery
by Edward Ueber


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