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MarineFisheries Review

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Special Section

Marine Fisheries History
by W. L. Hobart

The Woods Hole Laboratory, 1885-1985: A Century of Service

Foreword and Acknowledgments
Roger B. Theroux, Editor

Centennial Lectures

Centennial Lecture I:
History and Contributions of the Woods Hole Fisheries Laboratory

by Robert L. Edwards

Centennial Lecture II:
The MBL and the Fisheries-A Century of Cooperation in Woods Hole

by Paul R. Gross

Centennial Lecture III:
Fisheries Research Strategies for the Future

by Peter A. Larkin

Centennial Lecture IV:
The Historical Development of Fishery Science and Management

by William R. Royce

Forum on Fishery Research for the Future

Can We Manage Our Atlantic Coastal Fishery Resources-II?
by J. L. McHugh

Marine Fishery Research, Data, and Information Needs:
Who Provides Them and How

by Gilbert C. Radonski

Forum on Fishery Management for the Future

Rededication of the Woods Hole Laboratory

Rededication Address I
by Paul M. Fye

Rededication Address II
by Thomas A. Fulham

Rededication Address III
by William G. Gordon

Rededication Address IV
by Anthony J. Calio

Concluding Remarks

Selected Bibliography

Historical Articles

Twenty-five Years of Fish Surveys in the Northwest Atlantic:
The NMFS Northeast Fisheries Center's Bottom Trawl Survey Program

by Linda I. Despres-Patanjo, Thomas R. Azarovitz, and Charles J. Byrne

History of the Federal Fisheries Laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina
by Charles S. Manooch, III, and Ann B. Manooch

Research Accomplishments of the NMFS Southeast Fisheries Center
by William J. Richards, Editor

Fisheries Studies on the Pacific Coast, 1887-1931
by Clinton E. Atkinson

The Montlake Laboratory of the Bureau of
Commercial Fisheries and Its Biological Research

by Clinton E. Atkinson

Fisheries Management: An Historical Overview
by Clinton E. Atkinson

Spencer Fullerton Baird and the Foundations of American Marine Science
by Dean C. Allard

The First Decade of the United States Fish Commission:
Its Plan of Work and Accomplished Results, Scientific and Economical

by G. Brown Goode

An Historical Review of the National
Marine Fisheries Service and Its Predecessors, 1871-1987

by Seton H. Thompson

Fisheries Utilization Research-50 Years in Retrospect, Part I: Fishery Development
by John A. Dassow

Fisheries Utilization Research-50 Years in Retrospect, Part II: The Enduring Themes
by John A. Dassow

Fisheries Utilization Research-50 Years in Retrospect, Part III: Processing and Engineering
by John A. Dassow

Fish Oil Research, 1920-1987, in the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA
by Maurice E. Stansby

Curing and Canning of Fishery Products: A History
by N. D. Jarvis


DOC/NOAA/NMFS Developments
Seventy-five Years of Service: The U.S. Department of Commerce
Townsend Cromwell, Albatross IV, NOAA Corps, and NOS
Marine Fisheries Review: The Fiftieth Anniversary

Foreign Fishery Developments
Early Management of Alaska Fisheries
The Canneries and Salmon of Alaska
California's Early Fisheries, Research, and Records
The Origins of Louisiana Conservation
Marine Conservation and Management in Maine
New Hampshire's Marine Fisheries History
Texas' Fisheries: A Brief History


Selected References

Annual Index and List of Papers

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