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MarineFisheries Review

Inside front cover

Restricted Access vs. Open Access Methods of Management:
Toward More Effective Regulation of Fishing Effort

by James R. Waters

Pacific Salmon, Oncorhynchus spp.,
and the Definition of "Species" Under the Endangered Species Act

by Robin S. Waples

Biographic Memoir of Ernest Ingersoll: Naturalist, Shellfish Scientist, and Author
by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr.


The Status of Loggerhead, Caretta caretta; Kemp's Ridley, Lepidochelys kempi;
and Green, Chelonia mydas, Sea Turtles in U.S. Waters: A Reconsideration

by C. Kenneth Dodd and Richard Byles

A Response to Dodd and Byles
by Nancy B. Thompson

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