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MarineFisheries Review

Inside front cover

Characteristics of Billfish Anglers in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean
by Mark R. Fisher and Robert B. Dillon

Effects of the Santa Barbara, Calif., Oil Spill on
the Apparent Abundance of Pelagic Fishery Resources

by James L. Squire, Jr.

Remote Camera and Trapping Survey of the Deep-water Shrimps Heterocarpus laevigatus
and H. ensifer and the Geryon Crab Chaceon granulatus in Palau

by W. B. Saunders and Lee C. Hastie

On the Distribution and Fishery Potential of the Japanese Red Crab
Chaceon granulatus in the Palauan Archipelago, Western Caroline Islands

by L. C. Hastie and W. B. Saunders

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