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MarineFisheries Review

Inside front cover

The Fisheries of Hawaii and U.S.-associated Pacific Islands
by George W. Boehlert

Fisheries and Marine Resources of Hawaii and the
U.S.-associated Pacific Islands: An Introduction

by George W. Boehlert

Hawaii's Marine Fisheries: Some History,
Long-term Trends, and Recent Developments

by Samuel G. Pooley

Biology and Management of Deepwater Snappers of the Hawaiian Archipelago
by Wayne R. Haight, Donald R. Kobayashi, and Kurt E. Kawamoto

The Lobster and Shrimp Fisheries in Hawaii
by Jeffrey J. Polovina

An Ecological Perspective on Inshore Fisheries in the Main Hawaiian Islands
by M. Kimberly Smith

Precious Coral Fisheries of Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific Islands
by Richard W. Grigg

The Development and Decline of Hawaii's Skipjack Tuna Fishery
by Christofer H. Boggs and Bert S. Kikkawa

Hawaii's Pelagic Fisheries
by Christofer H. Boggs and Russell Y. Ito

A Review of Interactions Between Hawaii's Fisheries and Protected Species
by Eugene T. Nitta and John R. Henderson

Economics and Hawaii's Marine Fisheries
by Samuel G. Pooley

The Western Pacific Fishery Information Network: A Fisheries Information System
by David C. Hamm

The Commercial, Subsistence, and Recreational Fisheries of American Samoa
by Peter Craig, Bonnie Ponwith, Fini Aitaoto, and David Hamm

Guam's Small-Boat-based Fisheries
by Robert F. Myers

An Overview of Guam's Inshore Fisheries
by Rebecca A. Hensley and Timothy S. Sherwood

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