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MarineFisheries Review


Inside front cover

An Historical Review of Sebastes Taxonomy and Systematics, by Arthur W. Kendall, Jr.

Reef Habitats in the Middle Atlantic Bight:  Abundance, Distribution, Associated Biological Communities, and Fishery Resource Use, by Frank W. Steimle and Christine Zetlin

A Preliminary Study of the Marine Biota at Navassa Island, Caribbean Sea, by Mark Grace, Melissa Bahnick, and Lisa Jones

Reported Trip Costs, Gross Revenues, and Net Returns for U.S. Atlantic Pelagic Longline Vessels, by Sherry L. Larkin, Charles M. Adams, and Donna J. Lee

Effectiveness of a Rigid Grate for Excluding Pacific Halibut, Hippoglossus stenolepis, from Groundfish Trawl Catches, by Craig S. Rose and John R. Gauvin

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